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The Grotto
(Minecraft Community)
Jack7 Games
(Indie Developer)

Hello There!

My name is Tyler Burton and I'm a twenty-three year old designer based out of Gainesville, GA. I'm entirely self-taught in website and graphic design, with a constant drive to improve and expand my skillsets so as to better serve my clients and partners.

I'm always open to joining new projects and working with amazing people, however I also accept offered semi-permanent or permanent positions on projects which I truly feel a connection to.

My current roles consist of the following:
Website Manager with Jack7 Games
Community Administrator with The Flux Community

What is TylBur?

TylBur is in essence, my identity, clearly a combination of my first and last name, and how many of my clients and partners refer to me by. TylBur Designs was originally started as a project to showcase my skills and works as a self-taught website designer, and has over time become something akin to a portfolio of my greatest talents. Feel free to explore the TylBur website, take a look at what I have to offer, and discover if I'm the correct choice for your latest project.


A hand-picked selection of my previous works and projects.